Cedric Nash is available for Keynotes, Podcasts, Fireside chats and more.

His passions and expertise encompass topics that include, though are not limited to:

  • Millionaire Money Moves’ 3 components to building wealth: Developing a Millionaire Mindset, Adopting Millionaire Values and Behaviors, and Making Millionaire Money Moves
  • Why your age, race, education, income and starting point in life are unimportant when it comes to building wealth
  • The Value and Behavior Transformation method of wealth building. Adopting the value system necessary to become and remain a millionaire
  •  The 6 critical steps to building real wealth (planning, effort, sacrifice, investment intensity, investment consistency, time)
  • The Millionaire Money Moves Wealth Building system. What it is, and how and why it works.
  • The 3 common financial mistakes that prevent you from building wealth
  • HBCU: How Black college students can become millionaires starting from college
  • The racial wealth gap: The hardcore facts and what can we do about it?
  • How to determine your wealth building purpose: Exploring the 7 “Whys” for wealth 
  • The 6 levels of wealth: How to determine which one to aim for to achieve your financial goals
  • Why it’s important for Black Americans to build high a net worth
  • The 5 stages of the Value and Behavior Transformation process: What stage are you in?
  • How to use your money as a tool instead of toy
  • How to set up your finances so you can spend what your money makes instead of spending your money
  • How to create and stay on budget by implementing the M$M Power Budget
  • How to create your five-to-ten year M$M Master Plan
  • 6 Ways to create additional income streams while working a 9-5
  • How to earn more so you can save and invest more: Earning more in your main hustle and finding the right side hustle that will increase what you earn
  • Steps Black families can take to build generational wealth
  • Where and how to strategically invest by making millionaire money moves
  • How to tackle your debt while simultaneously building wealth
  • Integrating charitable giving into your wealth plan
  • Navigating obstacles and setbacks (job loss, divorce, etc.) on your wealth journey 
  • How single Black women can become millionaires starting from the bottom
  • How to become a millionaire starting at 50
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